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Winter Concert 2022
Yessica Gallagher, Conductor

December 3, 2022 Flyer
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Woodside Village Church
Saturday, December 3, 2022 - 3:00 PM
Woodside Village Church
3154 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA
Free Admission and Parking / Donations Welcomed

Thumbnail of December 2022 concert video Recordings of this concert
Audio only
Title Composer/Arranger
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine March
John Philip Sousa / Frederick Fennell
Carol of the Bells
M. Leontovich & P. Wilhousky / Sean O'Loughlin
Suite from Messiah
   I. Sinfonia
  II. And The Glory Of The Lord
 III. Pastoral
George Frideric Handel / James Curnow
Heatherwood Portrait
James Barnes
A Rhapsody On Christmas Carols
Claude T. Smith
The Christmas Song
Mel Torme & Robert Wells / Jerry Nowak
Punch and Judy
Henry Mancini / John Warrington
The Sound Of Music
Richard Rodgers / Robert Russell Bennett

2021 Holiday Concert Video
Yessica Gallagher, Conductor

2021 Holiday Concert video title

With the relaxation of some COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, some of the fully vaccinated musicians of the Woodside Village Band were able to rehearse together with masking and social distancing observance. For the first time in two years, an in-person concert was presented in the Woodside Village Church on December 18, 2021. We hope that the video linked above will bring enjoyment to those who were unable to attend in person. (In the YouTube description, click on the SHOW MORE button to see the full program with links to the start of each composition.)

Virtual Concert Videos
Yessica Gallagher, Conductor

Scenes from "The Nutcracker"
by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

An Irving Berlin Christmas
by Irving Berlin
Scenes from "The Nutcracker"

"An Irving Berlin Christmas"

The Teddy Bear's Picnic

by John W. Bratton

Little English Girl (L'Inglesina)
by Davide Delle Cese
"The Teddy Bear's Picnic"

"Little English Girl"

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The members of the Woodside Village Band were interested in participating in a project that would have them play their instruments. Some hadn't played for two months since shelter in place and social distancing orders took effect. It was suggested that a virtual concert video should be tried. It was decided to use The Teddy Bear's Picnic by John W. Bratton/ Paul Yoder, arranger. The band has had a long connection with the composition. A major event happened some 17 years ago when our founding director, Richard Gordon, had the band play the piece during one of our evening rehearsals. He used his cell phone to call his daughter, who was in the hospital having delivered her daughter (Katie), to convey the band's performance.

Support the Woodside Village Band

Donations to the Woodside Village Band Fund cover the basic costs of rehearsal and equipment space, advertisements, concert programs, and the purchase of new music. With additional funds, the group will award scholarships to high school seniors in the band that are pursuing musical careers.

Past Concerts

Musicians Wanted

The Woodside Village Band is adding musicians to our group.  We are welcoming members in all of our sections. Auditions are not required, just a love of making music with the group.  Additional information about the band, our rehearsal venue, and history can be found below.

Rehearsals are on Monday evenings, from 7:30 to 9:00 PM, in the Woodside Village Church, 3154 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA. Chairs are provided but musicians will need to bring a music stand and, maybe, a stand light.Only fully vaccinated persons may attend. Musician face masks and instrument bell masks are required. We are socially distanced. If you are interested in joining our rehearsals, please contact our Conductor, Yessica Gallagher, at so that she can arrange a chair and music folder for you. You are also welcome to talk to the conductor and musicians if you attend one of our concerts.

The Woodside Village Band

Woodside Village Band - December 2021

The Woodside Village Band (WVB) is composed of amateur musicians from the communities of the San Francisco Peninsula.  The group was organized in 1988 with the goal of bringing the music of the wind ensemble and the concert band to the local community.  It meets weekly to rehearse music for concerts which are performed every few months at indoor and outdoor concerts.  Rehearsals are on Monday evenings, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM in the Woodside Village Church, 3154 Woodside Road, Woodside (bring a music stand and see the directions below).  All rehearsal and performance time is donated by the players.  Membership is open to all interested musicians, who need not be residents of the town of Woodside.

The history of the Woodside Village Band began in the Spring of 1988, at the end of the run of "The Music Man," a production by the Woodside Players and George Sellman to benefit the Woodside School Foundation.  After a schedule of strenuous rehearsals and successful performances, the players in the orchestra didn't want it to end.  Some of them asked the conductor, Richard Gordon, if there wasn't some way to make the small pit orchestra the core of some permanent musical organization.

It was probably inevitable that, having originated with "The Music Man," the new group would be a band, not a chamber orchestra or other string ensemble.  To find all the musicians necessary for a full concert band, Mr. Gordon recruited players from all parts of the San Francisco Peninsula (and beyond), promising them a chance to play challenging music for a possibly non-existent audience for no money.  They came, anyway.  The Woodside School offered its music room for rehearsals.  The Woodside Community Foundation gave a donation to defray the cost of sheet music until the first concert could bring in paying customers.

The first concert was held on August 6, 1988, at the Woodside Village Church (no relation).  The program opened with Shostakovich and ended with Wagner, with Gustav Holst, William Schuman, and John Philip Sousa in between.  The Audience was shocked, surprised, and finally delighted at the quality of music performed by the new group.  Since then, attendance at the Band's concerts has grown steadily, as first-time concertgoers bring friends to subsequent events.  In 1989, the Band played for the pre-game ceremonies at Woodside Night at Candlestick Park, ensuring a win for the San Francisco Giants over the Houston Astros.  Free outdoor concerts have been given in the summer at the natural amphitheater of the Woodside School.

In the 1880's, a much smaller America supported over 100,000 bands in cities, towns, and villages throughout the country.  The automobile, movies, and finally radio ended that chapter in American musical history; today, it's a rare community that can boast of its own band.  Woodside is that kind of place.

"When we see a town with flourishing public enterprises, such as newspapers, schools, libraries, picture galleries, literary and scientific societies, concert halls, theaters, Brass Bands, etc., we need not be told that it is the dwelling place of intelligent and cultivated people, for in all these institutions supported by its inhabitants we recognize the unfailing indications of culture and refinement, and, on the other hand in a place where the newspapers are poor and badly patronized, where the churches and school-houses show broken windowpanes, dilapidated fences, weather stained, paintless walls and gates off their hinges, where there is no theater, no literary societies, no Band and no musicians, in such a place the stranger can see at a glance that enterprise, public spirit and vital energy are wanting in the people.  In this age the horn blowing organizations are recognized as essential elements in the great march of popular enlightenment, and a town that can not sound its own trumpet, but must send out and hire assistance from its neighbors on all public occasions, can not lay claim to having reached a very high standard of advancement."

G. F. Patton
"A Practical Guide to the Arrangement of Band Music", 1875


More Photos

Jessica Gallagher, Conductor

Our Conductor

Yessica Gallagher is an elementary music teacher and we appreciate her musical and administrative talents in leading the Woodside Village Band (WVB). A member of the WVB's clarinet section, she assumed the role of conductor following the untimely loss of our founding conductor, Richard Gordon.

Honoring our founding Conductor

Richard Gordon (1948 - 2016) directed the Woodside Village Band since 1988 and conducted the orchestra for the productions of the Woodside Players since 1987. A free-lance design engineer, Mr. Gordon lived in the Bay Area since 1980 with his wife and two daughters. In common with the late Gerard Hoffnung (a graphic artist and tuba player), Mr. Gordon's creative activities spanned the two worlds of music and commerce. His engineering friends considered him a fine conductor, while his musician acquaintances believed him to be an excellent engineer.

Richard Gordon, conductor


An inverse chronological listing of music performed by the Woodside Village Band.


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  • Map of Woodside.  The Woodside Village Church, where the band rehearses, is across the street from the school.   (87 KB)

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